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Sticky Beaks Out & About

Sticky Beaks Out & About

Another month has gone by and a new destination awaits for the STICKY BEAKS to check out. With hot water in the thermoses and the biscuit barrel refilled we headed off with a full bus of Sticky Beaks to visit a man who rebuilds light Army tanks.

After stopping for a stretch and a cuppa and biscults at the Willow Bend Reserve we headed off to Womma Rd PENFIELD.
With William(Buster) giving me great directions from the passengers seat we arrived at Colin Jones’s place.
Colin has been restoring all types of Army tanks and vehicles for 18 years in his massive shed.
He also makes parts for all types of Army vehicles with machinery such as,
x 3 Milling machines, x 2 Lathes, 1 Press Brake,
1 Cropper punch (that can punch a hole in a 1 inch plate of steel).
CNC Plasma cutter,
x 1 Folder, Welders, Forklift, Overhead gantry Crane.
The tanks he is presently working on and some stored waiting to be worked on are:

  • x 2 Mark 6A Vickers light tanks.
  • A 1943 Stuart tank and x 2 lb Anti tank carriers.
  • x 5 Lp2 Carriers.
  • x 1 DUKW (Amphibious vehicle.)

Walking around his workshop Colin pointed out and explained to us what goes where and what fits what. When he needs to make a part he makes two of because the vehicles are so rare.
He can buy a track for a Sturt tank from America or sell a headlight from a LP2 Carrier to Bosnia. The passion this one man has and the patience is outstanding and we wondered how he fits so much into each and every day. Plus, Colin in his spare time plays bass guitar in a band called AXIS.
Offering his BBQ so as we could cook our sausages and onion on bread for lunch we chatted as men do then after a clean up we headed for home but not before stopping at Macca’s for the traditional soft serve icecream. A big day for us old fellas being ALAN, MEL. RON. GEORGE, BUSTER, JOHN, WAYNE, NORMAN, ROB, GRAHAM and myself finally arriving back home just after 5pm.
We have many places yet to see. We set out every third Tuesday of the month in a 10 seater bus. We’re off to Mannum next month. Contact the MOSHCC to book in 85370687. Cheers Gerry

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