Home Care Packages with MDCA

Milang and District Community Association Inc is excited to offer an extension of the current Community Care service into the higher level Home Care Packages being offered by My Aged Care.
There is a significant need to provide our older residents with this level of home care and we will ensure that there are support services in place to assist you to remain independent at home for as long as you wish.

We are proud of our community collaboration and following several focus groups held in Clayton Bay and Milang we have the services in place that you have told us you want.
Our trained and professional staff  are committed and caring locals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our service is second to none.

If you require further assistance understanding the new system or how to access Home Care Packages, please telephone Fiona, at MOSH on 8537 0687 to have a confidential conversation about how we can help you.

Fiona Pitcairn


The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office has released a factsheet—“Hypoxic blackwater events and water quality”—that describes a natural phenomenon now underway in the Murray-Darling Basin after heavy rains in the catchment: an inflow into the river system of tannins and other organic material. A resultant black appearance of water is caused by dissolved carbon compounds that rapidly deplete the volume of dissolved oxygen available to sustain fish and other living organisms.

Likely effects within Lake Alexandrina are not detailed but the advice does include: “Risks to human health are low if direct contact with blackwater is avoided. Thorough cleansing is advised after any contact with affected water and discoloured or dead fish should not be eaten because of possible health risks.”

Click here for a copy of the factsheet. The event is not expected to have a significant impact on our foreshore but residents should take note of any relevant advice in local media.

Chris Bagley,

Community Advisory Panel, DEWNR

A New Beginning

As you may realize the Milang website is being given a new look. This coincides with a change in hosting arrangements and a different content management system which also applies to other websites of the Milang and Districts Community Association.

It will take a while to redo some of the features of the old website and introduce some new ones so I would ask you to be patient if you can’t find what you are looking for.

I would welcome your comments and suggestions.